The Viral Most Wanted

Join CEPI’s disease detectives as they investigate the viral families that have threatened human life for centuries.

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The viruses that put humanity at greatest risk to date come from 25 or so virus families. It is these families that are most likely to produce the next deadly viral threat.

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The Viral Most Wanted

The Coronaviruses

historic image of hopsital ward with lassa patients on beds
The Viral Most Wanted

The Arenaviruses

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The Viral Most Wanted

The Flaviviruses

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The Viral Most Wanted

The Paramyxoviruses

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The Viral Most Wanted

Matonaviruses and Togaviruses

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The Viral Most Wanted

The Nairoviruses

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The Viral Most Wanted

The Poxviruses

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The Viral Most Wanted

The Hantaviruses

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The Viral Most Wanted

The Retroviruses

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The Viral Most Wanted

The Filoviruses

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The Viral Most Wanted

The Orthomyxoviruses

The 100 Days Mission

CEPI’s vision is for the world to be able to respond to the next Disease X with a new vaccine in 100 days. Achieving that goal could defuse the threat of a pathogen with pandemic potential.Learn more about how CEPI is helping the world prepare for future pandemics.

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