What we do

CEPI leverages its unique position within the global health and R&D ecosystems to address market failures, building on its track record of bringing together public-sector, private-sector, and academic partners to accelerate the development of vaccines against emerging viral threats.



Number of investors, from governments to philanthropies, who have donated to CEPI

Up to $2.7 bn

Invested in R&D projects since CEPI's launch


Partnerships established to develop vaccines and biologics against CEPI's priority pathogens

Scanning electron micrograph of Lassa virus budding off a cell

Priority diseases

CEPI supports the development of vaccines, platform technologies and manufacturing innovations to combat priority diseases for which no licensed vaccines are currently available.

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A team of scientists working on vaccine creating in a modern laboratory

Research and development

CEPI is leading a broad range of ambitious programmes that aim to substantially reduce global epidemic and pandemic risk.

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A female scientist from Biofarma holding a vile of vaccine in a lab

Manufacturing and supply chain

CEPI is bolstering global manufacturing capacity in underserved regions and harnessing innovative technologies to improve the speed, scale and access of vaccine manufacturing in response to epidemic and pandemic threats.

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A microscopic image of human cells

Calls for Proposals

Innovators worldwide are invited to apply to our scientific programmes to advance the development and manufacture of vaccines and tools against epidemic and pandemic threats.

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Our portfolio

Since our launch in 2017, CEPI has carefully selected and announced over 50 partnerships to advance vaccine candidates against our priority pathogens and platform technologies for use against Disease X.

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Vaccine vials on a conveyor belt in a manufacturing laboratory

Our impact

CEPI has backed the development of 30+ vaccine candidates for its priority pathogens, overseeing a number of breakthroughs, including the first-ever approved Chikungunya vaccine and advancing the first-ever Nipah and Lassa vaccines into Phase 1 trials. A key player in the COVID-19 response, CEPI also has one of the world’s largest COVID-19 vaccine portfolios and co-led COVAX, which helped to distribute nearly 2 billion doses to 146 nations.

Impact Stories
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Latest News

Latest News