CEPI 2.0 and the 100 Days Mission

CEPI’s 2022-2026 strategy, known as CEPI 2.0, will help Prepare, Transform, and Connect the world so that it can respond to the next Disease X threat with a new vaccine in just three months.

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The CEPI 2.0 Strategy

CEPI’s 2022-2026 strategy, known as CEPI 2.0, will help Prepare, Transform, and Connect the world so that it can respond to the next Disease X by compressing the development of safe, effective, globally accessible vaccines to as little as 100 days. 

That’s just over three months from the recognition of the threat to a vaccine being ready for initial authorisation and manufacturing at scale. 

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PREPARE for known epidemic and pandemic threats by developing new vaccines and biologics against the most prominent threats, building on COVID-19 achievements and the CEPI 1.0 strategy.


TRANSFORM the response to the next emerging pathogenic threat by harnessing innovations in technology and systems to significantly reduce global vulnerability.


CONNECT stakeholders and experts in emerging infectious diseases to enable rapid countermeasure development, effective response and equitable access for those in need.

The 100 Days Mission

Ground-breaking new medical defences against COVID-19 were developed and built in record time when the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 emerged and spread rapidly around the world. 

Within just 326 days, the first safe and effective vaccines were being rolled out to begin to reduce cases of severe disease and bring down COVID-19 death rates. 

The pace of this development and delivery was unprecedented. Yet it was still not fast enough to prevent COVID-19 from exploding into a deadly global pandemic.

To prevent future outbreaks from realising their pandemic potential, the world needs to up the pace in the race against new and re-emerging viruses. If it takes just 100 days to make a safe and effective vaccine against any viral pandemic threat, we could potentially contain outbreaks before they spiral out of control. 

This goal is known as the 100 Days Mission. It is embraced by leaders of the G7 and G20, and is widely recognised as an ambitious global collaborative effort.

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What Will It Take?

Accomplishing the 100 Days Mission will require a paradigm shift to speed up vaccine development and delivery and to harness the crucial scientific and technological innovations that can enable those at highest risk in an emerging epidemic to be protected as swiftly as possible. 

CEPI published a landmark report—entitled What Will It Take?—in November 2022 outlining five key areas of innovation needed to achieve the 100 Days Mission. 

Among these is the creation of a vaccine library—envisaged as a repository of knowledge and capabilities to advance vaccine research, development and manufacturing and give the world a head start against newly-emerging viral threats.

Making the 100 Days Mission possible will also require investment in clinical trials networks in all regions with pre-established protocols and procedures, and global manufacturing capacity to make top-quality, safe, and effective new vaccines quickly across a range of vaccine platforms. 

Coupled with strengthened worldwide disease surveillance capabilities and early-warning systems, and accelerated identification of immune response markers, these efforts will save vital hours and days when the world needs to respond at speed to a potential pandemic threat.

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Increased Speed = Greater Equity

The 100 Days Mission has equity at its core, aiming to swiftly defend those at the highest risk from emerging viral threats. The faster vaccines can be deployed, the smaller the outbreak is likely to be.

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A global endeavour

No single organisation, country or region can be ready to achieve the 100 Days Mission alone. 

Success will require advances in the organisation, governance, and financing of global preparedness systems, and multiple, interconnected scientifically guided collaborative efforts. 

Join us in building a future where pandemics no longer threaten our way of life. 

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