Research and development

Our ambitious programmes aim to substantially reduce global epidemic and pandemic risk. CEPI’s priority diseases include Chikungunya, COVID-19, Ebola, Lassa Fever, MERS, Nipah, Rift Valley Fever, and novel viral threats with epidemic or pandemic potential (also known as “Disease X”).

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Enabling science

From biological standards to preclinical models, CEPI supports enabling science activities to accelerate development of safe and effective epidemic or pandemic vaccines. Read on to learn about the enabling science activities that CEPI supports.

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Vaccine technology

Vaccines are our most potent weapon against infectious diseases and are at the heart of global responses to epidemic and pandemic threats. 

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Manufacturing and supply chain

CEPI is bolstering global manufacturing capacity in underserved regions and harnessing innovative technologies to improve the speed, scale and access of vaccine manufacturing in response to epidemic and pandemic threats.

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Our portfolio

Our interactive portfolio provides information on each of the vaccine candidates that CEPI has invested in.

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Call for Proposals

We invite innovators worldwide to apply to our scientific programmes to advance the development and manufacture of vaccines and tools against epidemic and pandemic threats.

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Latest News

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The Viral Most Wanted

The Poxviruses

Dr. Bolaji (left) is the Nigeria-based HJFMRI principal investigator for the IAVI C105 Lassa fever vaccine clinical trial in Abuja, Nigeria. Credit: HJFRMI.

Participants in Nigeria vaccinated in first-ever Phase 2 Lassa fever vaccine clinical trial