CEPI TechTalks: We want to hear from you about your technology and approach

We want to make the application process for our Calls as straightforward as possible and beneficial for you and your time. We are also interested in finding out more about innovative technologies and projects you may be working on which may be relevant for later CEPI Calls.

If you would like to get a broader understanding of a CEPI Call for Proposal and/or see if your idea, project, technology, or approach meets our suitability and eligibility requirements, ahead of filling out your application or getting involved with CEPI, we can organise a CEPI TechTalk with you and members of your Team.

CEPI TechTalks are video calls of up to 50 minutes where you are invited to present your idea, project, technology, or approachand ask questions about its relevance to our Open Calls. We’ll also provide you with some guidance and recommendations on your project and a potential application to one or more of CEPI’s Calls.

If you would like to arrange a CEPI TechTalk, please email [email protected], with the subject line ‘CEPI Tech Talk: *Name* and *Organisation*’.

Please note the Call you are interested in in the email, alongside a short description of your proposal/technology concept, any specific questions related to the Call. Please also attach a non-confidential slide deck that best describes your idea, technology or approach .

We are particularly interested in hearing from vaccine developers and researchers in low-and middle-income countries.

CEPI will get back to you as soon as possible. CEPI will prioritise ideas that we perceive to best meet our suitability and eligibility requirements.