CEPI partners with IVI to accelerate development of vaccines against emerging global health threats

11 Feb 2019


Oslo, Norway; Seoul, Republic of Korea 11 February 2019—The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and the Republic of Korea-based International Vaccine Institute (IVI), an international organisation devoted to vaccines for global health, today announced a collaboration to accelerate the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases.

Under the terms of the CEPI–IVI Master Implementing Partner Services Agreement, IVI will provide technical services for CEPI-funded projects, executing specific activities as needs arise on behalf of CEPI in the course of advancing new vaccines against emerging pathogens. To this end, IVI will receive funding and support from CEPI to implement the necessary technical services per service orders for vaccine development by engaging local scientists in Korea, and by mobilising IVI’s expertise and capabilities, which include: laboratory and vaccine process research and development, epidemiological studies, and clinical trial and regulatory support.

CEPI’s extensive portfolio of investments will provide additional benefits to the wider vaccine community through the development of assays, reference standards, and associated knowledge that will accelerate the development of other vaccines and medical countermeasures against emerging pathogens.

We are delighted to be working with IVI. Our partnership will build on IVI’s existing capabilities in advancing new vaccines for global health, and will complement CEPI’s vaccine portfolio worldwide with an aim to accelerate innovation and increase efficiency in the development of vaccines against emerging pathogens.

Dr. Richard Hatchett

Chief Executive Officer, CEPI

IVI is excited to partner with CEPI, an organization dedicated to new vaccines to stop future epidemics. IVI already has examples of successful product development partnerships that have brought new vaccines to the field, including the world’s first low-cost oral cholera vaccine. The CEPI-IVI partnership will expedite a broader partnership between CEPI and IVI, and between partners of our two organizations to achieve our shared mission of developing vaccines critical to global health.

Jerome Kim

Director General of IVI