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CEPI partners with vaccine developers, manufacturers, governments, philanthropies, civil society and global health organisations to achieve our goals.

Richard Hatchett and Dr Daniel Ngamije, Minister of Health Rwanda at the Global Pandemic Preparedness Summit 2022

Calls for Proposals

CEPI invites innovators to apply to our scientific programmes to develop and manufacture vaccines and tools against epidemic and pandemic threats. 

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Photo of Bundi Gunadi on a podium speaking

Become an investor

We create innovative partnerships between public, private, philanthropic, and civil society organisations to develop vaccines against diseases with epidemic potential. 

The innovations that CEPI supports not only protect some of the most vulnerable people in the world but will also help to prevent future pandemics.

Funding committed to CEPI by our investors enters into our ‘common pool’ of funding and is carefully invested in eligible groups of R&D and manufacturing projects. This approach aims to maximise the impact of our investors funding and that of CEPI's work. 

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Our portfolio

Our interactive portfolio provides information on each of the vaccine candidates that CEPI has invested in.

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Procurement tenders

From time to time, we publish tenders for operational support of our work.

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