CEPI statement on University of Queensland and CSL COVID-19 vaccine candidate

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CEPI supports the decision made by the University of Queensland (UQ) and CSL not to progress the v451 COVID-19 vaccine candidate into Phase 2/3 clinical trials. While the Phase 1 trial safety and immunogenicity data are positive, the issue of interference with certain HIV diagnostic tests means that the vaccine is not suitable for broad deployment. CEPI will therefore not continue to fund further development of the vaccine beyond completion of the Phase 1 clinical trial.

The concepts underlying UQ's ‘Molecular Clamp' vaccine technology show great promise, so CEPI is committed to continuing to work with UQ to resolve this issue so that the platform can be used to develop vaccines against other diseases in the future.

CEPI recognises the hard work and commitment of our partners at UQ and CSL in enabling the progress of this vaccine candidate to date.

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