June webinars on CEPI's open scientific calls

Jodie Rogers


Update: July 2022

The CEPI Team recently held two webinars to share more details about our current Open Calls for Proposals.

You can find an overview of what was covered during the meetings here

More information and details on how to apply is available on our Calls for Proposals page.


Are you an academic institute, public sector agency, biotech, or pharmaceutical company interested in applying to one of our open Calls for Proposals?

The CEPI Team will run two webinars on Tuesday 28 June and Wednesday 29 June to share more information about the Calls — including details on who we are looking for, the aims for each of the Calls, and what we will be looking for in your applications.


Searching for world-leading scientists

From time to time, CEPI runs Calls for Proposals, inviting research teams, vaccine developers, and others from around the world to apply to our research programmes. These programmes seek to advance the development of vaccine technologies and tie into our innovative $3.5bn plan to reduce or even eradicate future epidemic and pandemic risk.

We currently have three open Calls:

RNA vaccine platform technologies and vaccine library development against emerging and select endemic infectious diseases

Focus Area 2 of this Call seeks novel RNA platform technologies based on potentially high-impact innovations offering substantial advantages over existing mRNA technologies.

CEPI will provide seed funding for activities including discovery research, preclinical and limited early clinical proof-of-concept studies.

Deadline for applications: December 31, 2022 (Expression of Interest are being reviewed on quarterly basis).

Innovative technologies to improve vaccine thermostability 

CEPI is looking for new or adapted existing heat-stable vaccine technology for use against epidemic and pandemic threats to reduce complex cold-chain requirements and support access to vaccines in low- and middle-income countries.

Deadline for applications: December 31, 2022

Computational modelling to identify or predict target antigens

CEPI will provide funding to better understand which antigens (structures on the surfaces of viruses) that prototypic vaccines need to be built to target. Our first pilot projects to be made as part of this Call seek to identify key Lassa and Nipah antigens - two deadly diseases with epidemic potential already on CEPI's priority pathogens list.

Deadline for applications: July 31, 2022

We want to make the application process for our Calls as straightforward as possible and beneficial for you and your time.

Our upcoming webinars have therefore been designed as a platform to allow you to hear directly from the CEPI Team about the Calls and to see if your idea, project, technology, or approach meets our suitability and eligibility requirements.


Webinar details

The two webinars will take place at the following times:


Tuesday 28 June, 1000-1120 CEST (for interested applicants in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania)
Register here
Wednesday 29 June, 1700-1820 CEST (for interested applicants in North and South America)
Register here

Both webinars will give you the opportunity to find out more about each of the three open Calls. There will also be a dedicated Q+A session at the end of each webinar.

Please note — You MUST register to attend the webinar with your company email address.

The webinars will run in English.

Additional events may be planned in the future to provide information on upcoming scientific calls.

Visit our Calls for Proposals page for more information on each of the calls. General enquiries on CEPI's Calls can be sent to [email protected].