Coming soon: Call to join CEPI's Scientific Advisory Committee


To ensure world class rigour in our work advancing the development of vaccines against COVID-19 and other emerging health threats, CEPI is looking for senior scientific researchers and global health professionals to join its Scientific Advisory Committee, or SAC. We will be seeking applicants with extensive experience in disciplines relating to vaccine development, innovation, licensure, and deployment. The formal period for application will open in January.

Working as an independent body, the SAC advises CEPI staff and the Board on funding and R&D decisions relating to our vaccine programmes and enabling sciences activities, as well as the overall vaccine portfolio and scientific aspects of the CEPI strategy.

Up to twenty-five positions will be available — including the role of CEPI SAC Chair and Vice-Chair. Existing members are invited to re-apply to serve an additional 2-year period.

How CEPI's Scientific Advisory Committee operates

From outbreak preparedness to vaccine development, manufacturing and distribution, the SAC requires a breadth of scientific experience across all areas of the vaccine process. It is one of CEPI's core governance groups alongside the Board, Investors Council, and Joint Coordination Group.

SAC members work in a personal capacity as independent experts. They meet quarterly providing guidance and recommendations to CEPI staff and Board on target pathogens requiring CEPI's focus, CEPI's vaccine portfolio—including advising on the creation and reviewing our Calls for Proposals—and offering input on the latest research and innovation in vaccine technology.

As with the COVID-19 pandemic, the SAC may also be called upon for bespoke meetings to share knowledge and provide guidance in response to current and future emerging disease outbreaks.

The application process will open in January and we will seek to find creative individuals who can offer their expertise to help advance our work for COVID-19 and our other target pathogens: Chikungunya, Ebola, Lassa fever, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), Nipah and Rift Valley fever.

CEPI will have a critical role to play in shaping the post-pandemic global health architecture and we anticipate that the SAC will also play an integral part in contributing and developing our role and strategy as part of these efforts.

If you are interested in applying further details on the skills and experience required alongside information on how to apply, will be provided in January. Stay tuned for more.