The COVID-19 pandemic is a global emergency. CEPI has moved quickly and urgently to coordinate with global health authorities and partners to rapidly develop vaccine candidates against the disease.

CEPI’s response to COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 has become a humanitarian and economic crisis, unprecedented in modern times.

CEPI has moved quickly and collaboratively to rapidly develop vaccines against the COVID-19 virus. We are also collaborating with GSK and will use their pandemic vaccine adjuvant platform technology to enhance the development of an effective vaccine.

Help CEPI develop a COVID-19 vaccine

We estimate that it will cost $2 billion to develop this vaccine within the next 12-18 months. So far we’ve raised $1.4 billion towards this goal – but we need your help. Whether you’re an individual or institution, you can contribute to our fight against this deadly disease.

We’ve partnered with the UN Foundation, who can accept individual donations on behalf of CEPI, as part of their COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund:


We also welcome support from private institutions around the world, who can contact CEPI directly to discuss contributions towards our COVID-19 response:


Key Milestones