Request for public comments: CEPI’s Equitable Access policy

CEPI is committed to achieving equitable access to the vaccines it helps to develop. Following our launch at Davos in January 2017 we developed a policy regarding CEPI’s approach to equitable access that was approved for a one-year trial period, with the intent to review and if necessary revise it based on lessons learned.

We are now well into that review, which involved consultation with a wide range of our stakeholders, and have made a number of revisions in how we present our policy. Since the consultation process could not, as a matter of practicality, involve all those who wish to contribute, we are also seeking wider consultation and feedback before we finalise our equitable access policy.

We invite members of the public to comment on this policy via email to Comments should be received by August 3, 2018.

A draft version of our revised equitable access policy is available below.

Draft equitable access policy