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Date: Mon 16 Jul 2018
Source: The Hindu, Press Trust of India (PTI) [edited]

A detailed study by the Kerala government on the recent outbreak of Nipah virus has suggested that 17 of the 19 infected people might have contracted the deadly virus from the 1st victim, 26 year old [MS]. [MS], who died on [5 May 2018], was among the 17 people who lost their lives after they contracted the virus. Two people recovered.

According to available records, it has been found that [MS] contracted the Nipah virus from fruit bats, and 17 others -- including 3 from his family (father, younger brother, and a paternal aunt) -- became infected from him, government sources said. The virus from him is also suspected to have infected 4 other people at the Perambra Taluk [sub-division] Hospital, Kohzikode, where he was first brought, the sources in the state surveillance department of the Kerala Health Services said, adding that 10 others in the Kozhikode medical college hospital, where he was taken for a CT scan in the radiology department, also picked up the virus from him.

One patient was infected by another man at the Perambra hospital, they said.

It is suspected that [MS], an electrician, contracted the virus from fruit bats; however, the circumstances under which he became infected are not clear. [MS] had returned from the gulf 8 months before he died.

[MS] 1st took treatment as an outpatient at the Perambra hospital for high fever and body pain on [2 May 2018]. On [3 May 2018], he was admitted to the hospital, and it is suspected that 4 people on night duty, including his sister [LP], who attended to him, picked the virus up from him.

As his condition worsened on [4 May 2018], [MS] was shifted to the Medical College hospital for a CT scan, where he died on [5 May 2018]. Ten people got infected at the medical college.

Though [his] blood samples were not tested for Nipah, as per records, it has been concluded that he had contracted Nipah virus, the sources said. It was suspected that the brothers might have contracted the virus when they got into a bat-infested well in their newly bought property.

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[The above report provides a good summary of the Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala. One wonders whether MS was a virus "super shedder", which may have accounted for the number of individuals who were in contact with him and became infected.

Although Nipah virus was not found in bats in the area in Kerala state where the infections occurred, a subsequent report of a study stated that _Pteropus giganteus_ bats with Nipah virus had been found in Assam's Dhubri and West Bengal's Cooch Behar districts. The bats collected in the well in Kerala, shown to be negative for Nipah virus, were not giant fruit bats in the _Pteropus_ genus that are the reservoirs of the virus. These bats roost in trees, not in wells. The exact circumstances under which MS acquired his infection is not known. - Mod.TY

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