Posted on 04TH SEP 2018
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Date: Wed 29 Aug 2018
Source: Saudi MOH 30 Aug 2018 [edited]

Case No. 18- 1741
MERS in Alzulfi city: 77-year-old male living in Alzulfi city, Qaseem Region
Contact with camels: no
Case classification: primary / community-acquired
Current status: hospitalized

Communicated by:

[Another primary community-acquired case with no known history of contact with camels or presumably other known cases. While the report says Alzulfi city, Qaseem (Qasim) region, according to maps and prior reports, Al Zulfi city is officially located in Riyadh region. (Knowledgeable sources in the region, please correct me if I am wrong here.)

Since the beginning of August [2018], there have been a total of 5 newly confirmed cases of MERS-CoV infection of which 2 were reported to have died, 2 were reported to have recovered, and this newly confirmed case does not have an outcome reported as yet. Of the 5 newly confirmed cases, all were primary cases, with 2 cases having a history of contact with camels in the 14 days preceding onset of their illness, and 3 having no history of camel contact.

A map of Saudi Arabia with provinces can be found at A map of Saudi Arabia showing the location of Al Zulfi city can be found at,44.768083,7z. Notice that it is closer to Buraidah city, but over the regional line into Riyadh region. - Mod.MPP

HealthMap/ProMED-mail map:
Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia:]

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