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Date: Thu 20 Apr 2017
Source: OIE, WAHID weekly disease information 2017; 30 (16) [edited]

MERS-CoV, Saudi Arabia
Information received on [and dated] 20 Apr 2017 from Dr Mohammed Alblowi, Director General, Diagnostic Veterinary Laboratories, Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Riyadh , Saudi Arabia

Report type: Follow-up report No. 5
Date of start of the event: 29 Dec 2015
Date of confirmation of the event: 20 Jan 2016
Report date: 20 Apr 2017
Date submitted to OIE: 20 Apr 2017
Reason for notification: Emerging disease
Morbidity: 2.36 percent
Mortality: 0 percent
Zoonotic impact: No
Causal agent MERS-CoV

New outbreaks (1)
Outbreak 1: Mahail, 'ASIR
Date of start of the outbreak: 24 Mar 2017
Outbreak status: Resolved (15 Apr 2017)
Epidemiological unit: Farm
Affected animals
Camelidae/ 3/ 1/ 0/ 0/ 0

Source of the outbreak(s) or origin of infection: Unknown or inconclusive
Epidemiological comments: This outbreak is associated with a human case. All previous outbreaks were resolved.

Control measures
1. Measures applied: Movement control inside the country, Screening, Disinfection / Disinfestation, Traceability, Quarantine, Surveillance outside containment and/or protection zone, Vaccination permitted (if a vaccine exists), No treatment of affected animals
2. Measures to be applied: No other measures
Diagnostic test results
Laboratory name and type: Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Riyadh (National laboratory)
Species/Test/Test date/Result
Camelidae/real-time PCR/ 02 Apr 2017/Positive

[The location of the outbreak can be seen on the interactive map at the source URL above].

Communicated by:

[In view of the included epidemiological comment, it may be assumed with high probability that the mentioned relevant human case is the one described in posting 20170306.4875743, which referred to 3 new human cases as specified in Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health report of 20 Feb 2017 (at The said MOH daily report addressed new human cases during the preceding 24 hours.

The relevant case (No 11) was referred to as a "63 year old Saudi male" of Saudi nationality, "non-healthcare worker from Mahail Aseer [`Asīr region], noted to be in a critical condition at the time of confirmation. Classified as a primary case with a history of direct contact with camels in the 14 days preceding onset of illness". No definite fate of the case was available, but subscribers are referred to Mod.MPP's comment there, stating that "according to the Saudi MOH MERS website there was the addition of a fatality in the tallies from 20-22 Feb 2017, but no information was available on this fatality - presumably reported on 21 Feb 2017?".

To assess the zoonotic significance of the current test results in 3 sampled camels from Mahail,'ASIR (same address as of the mentioned patient), with which the patient was reportedly in contact "during the 14 days preceding onset of illness", the date of the onset of his illness, date of sampling of the 3 camels and their respective age(s) will be helpful. Notably, the report states: "Zoonotic impact: No". This is in need of clarification.

The following updated summary of Saudi Arabia's information about the confirmed MERS infections in camels since the start of testing (reportedly, 29 Dec 2015), is available in WAHID's archive (at, including a map of all locations):

Total outbreaks = 14 (Submitted)
Species/ Susceptible/ Cases/ Deaths/ Destroyed/ Slaughtered
Camelidae/ 663/ 93/ 0/ 0/ 0

Details on the actual performance of the (6) control measures specified as being applied in Saudi Arabia to address MERS in animals, will be helpful (no MERS vaccine for camels is yet available).

The following update of global MERS statistics in animals is based upon OIE data:

Between October 2013 and April 2017 MERS-CoV was detected in camels in:
Saudi Arabia (14),
Qatar (3),
Iran (3),
Kuwait (2),
Jordan (2),
Oman (5)

In the UAE, the involvement of camels is based upon information on human infections related to the consumption of raw camel milk (see See also

In October 2012 MERS was reported from a bat in Saudi Arabia. It was detected also in milk samples in Qatar.

Most of the (nearly 2000; at least, 739 deaths) human MERS cases are reported from Middle-Eastern countries, predominantly Saudi Arabia. - Mod.AS

A HealthMap/ProMED-mail map can be accessed at:]

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