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Date: Mon 19 Jun 2017
Source: 360 News [edited]

The authorities of Anambra State on [Mon 19 Jun 2017] confirmed that a nursing student was killed by Lassa Fever, while 65 others were being monitored.

Speaking with newsmen in Awka, the Director of Public Health, State Ministry of Health, Dr Emmanuel Okafor, said that the deceased (name withheld) was a student in a private nursing school in Nkpor, Idemili North.

Okafor said that the lady was admitted at the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Teaching Hospital, Awka, on [Sun 11 Jun 2017]. According to him, she was immediately transferred to the General Hospital, Irua, in Edo for diagnosis where she died on [Sat 17 Jun 2017].

"She was initially admitted at Amaku in Awka before she was transferred to Irua and was placed on admission there. She was bleeding from the gums, nostril and vagina and was confirmed Lassa Fever victim in Irua.

"The moment it was confirmed that she had Lassa fever, we started contacts tracing. As of now, we have about 65 we are following up, 2 of them have developed fever and their samples have been taken to Irua. We are still tracking others and we have advised them on what to do to ensure they do not transfer it to their loved ones," he said.

Residents were also urged to keep their surroundings clean and keep their foods free from rats.

It would be recalled, in May [2017], a member of the NYSC, Onwuegbuzie Stanley-Samuel, deployed to Cross River, died of Lassa fever disease at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH).

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[Although Lassa fever was reported in 20 states in the week 21 [week 19 to 25 Mar 2017] Weekly Epidemiological Report issued on 9 Jun 2017, Anambra state was not included. However, appearance of cases in Anambra state is not surprising. Lassa fever remains a problem in Nigeria because the virus is endemic there. Virus transmission to humans occurs when people are in contact with the reservoir rodent host, the multimammate mouse (in the genus _Mastomys_) or their excreta. Transmission also occurs in health facilities when personal protective equipment is not employed and barrier nursing practices are not adequate to protect staff from blood and secretions of infected patients. The circumstances under which this unfortunate nursing student was exposed to the virus are not indicated in the above report.

Images of _Mastomys_ mice, the rodent reservoir of Lass fever virus, can be seen at

Maps of Nigeria can be accessed at and - Mod.TY]

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