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Date: Sun 26 Mar 2017
Source: Outbreak News Today [edited]

Since the onset of the Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria in December 2016, 247 suspected cases have been reported with 73 confirmed cases.

A total of 43 deaths have been recorded so far (37 in confirmed cases and 6 in probable cases). The case fatality rate for all cases is 21.5 percent and for all confirmed/probable cases is 54.4 percent, according to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

This has prompted the Nigerian House of Representatives to mandate its Committees on Health Institutions and Healthcare Services to investigate the recent resurgence of cases of the viral disease.

The committee is expected to have an audience with the Minister of Health to brief members on the reasons for the recent outbreak and the steps taken so far to combat it. The Committees are also to interact with the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and designated Lassa fever testing laboratories and report back to the House within 6 weeks for further legislative action.

[Byline: Robert Herriman]

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[The latest region in Nigeria to report Lassa fever is Borno state in the northeast part of the country which recorded its first Lassa fever outbreak in almost 5 decades. The last confirmed outbreak of the deadly disease was in 1969. WHO is supporting the government to contain the outbreak in an area of the country which is already coping with a humanitarian crisis resulting from years of conflict

In order to contain the outbreak, the WHO emergency humanitarian health team in the state has taken a number of actions. This includes rapid training on clinical case management, contact tracing, mobilizing a network of healthcare workers at the hospital, and building public awareness - Mod.UBA

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