Pipeline dataset

MERS, Lassa and Nipah vaccine candidates

Pipeline dataset for MERS-CoV


Pipeline dataset for Lassa

Pipeline Dataset Lassa

Pipeline dataset for Nipah

Pipeline Dataset Nipah

This pipeline reflects, to the best of our knowledge as at February 2017, publicly available information on the status of vaccine candidates with a direction towards human use for MERS-CoV, Lassa and Nipah. Please contact info@cepi.net if you have evidence to report on updates to this.


The pipeline dataset for MERS, Lassa and Nipa vaccine candidates provides a background landscape of the current state of the field, the key developers and platform technologies. Sharing of such information is widely recognised as critical in making resourcing and development decisions.

Methodology and data sources

The following data sources served to identify Nipah, Lassa and MERS vaccine candidates (all candidate information presented is available in the public domain):


Klara Henderson, Nicholas Hammersland, Gunnstein Norheim, Connie Schmaljohn, Alan Barrett