IT platform vendor

CEPI seeks a vendor for new IT platform

CEPI has decided to procure a complete IT platform with corresponding IT services. The contract will handle all IT deliveries to CEPI including:

  • Procurement, delivery and operation of:
    • PCs, software and print,
    • Infrastructure (telephony, network)
    • Video and telephone conference with support for most communication protocols,
  • Support for all of CEPI’s service portfolio,
  • Cooperation system (e.g. SharePoint),
  • File storage,
  • Exchange,
  • Meeting room booking,
  • Operation of websites, domains, email,
  • Any operation of dedicated servers for special software,
  • Azure Information Protection Suite or equivalent.

CEPI has set high requirements to security and expect the vendor to be compliant with Norwegian and EU regulations, GDPR and CEPI’s security requirements.

Due to regulatory issues, CEPI requires the ability to limit particular data to storage within EU only, and that any staff working on the infrastructure or systems holding CEPI’s data must be located within the EU only.

The tender is published here. This is a pre-announcement where we ask interested vendors to submit a short RFI. The RFI document may also be downloaded here.

From the companies submitting the RFI, CEPI will choose approximately 4-6 tenderers that will be asked to submit offers to the competition. We plan to sign the contract early February 2018.

The tender procedure will follow OECD guidelines. CEPI is not obligated to follow Norwegian regulations for Public Procurement but has decided to follow them as closely as possible anyway to ensure transparency, predictability and equal treatment to all participants.