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CfP 1

Vaccine development against prioritized epidemic infectious diseases

CEPI's first call for proposals (CfP), was open to all types of organisations able to advance vaccine candidates from the late pre-clinical stage through to Phase II for:

  • MERS
  • Lassa
  • Nipah 

Timelines for the call

  • Launched on 18 January
  • Deadline step 1: 8 March
  • Deadline step 2: 5 July

We have received more than 30 proposals of step 1.

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Request for Information on Rapid Response Platform Technologies for Epidemic Preparedness

CEPI and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation launched a request for information (RfI) on rapid response vaccine and antibody technologies that could be used to address future emerging diseases.

We received 65 concept notes (56 involving vaccines).

The RfI will be used to:

  • populate that landscape
  • influence the development of a Call for Proposals
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Work on Ebola

The CEPI Secretariat is in the process of finalizing a meeting summary from its “Ebola vaccines regulatory science meeting” in Washington on 22 March, including future research areas and next steps. Updates on how we will proceed the work on Ebola will be published on our website and Newsletter.